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    Buzz Off Magnetic Door Screen

    Sorry, out of stock.

    – Keep flying insects outdoors with this ultra fine polyester mesh screen
    – Magnets on either side of the door opening ensure that the curtain stays closed
    – Complete with decorative border, can be trimmed to fit smaller frames
    – Fixes to door frame by sticky pads or thumb tacks (included)
    – Measures (H)220 x (W)100 approx

    Scratch Repair Stick

    Fast repair for scratches, nicks and dings in your car, bike, boat or other painted surfaces.

    Wizard Washer
    • Clean your car with just one bucket of water
    • No tangled hoses, no pumps, no batteries, no motors
    • Ideal for cars, windows, conservatories and more
    • Unique patented one-way valve defies gravity
    • Size: 11.5cm diameter
    Solar Outdoor LED Down Lights
    • No wires, no mess, no batteries, no fuss
    • Ideal for doorways, paths, driveways
    • Features three high intensity LEDs
    • Weather resistant
    • Size: 11.5cm diameter
    Happy Cat Toy
    • Help keep your cat fit & healthy
    • Works great on carpets and floors
    • Helps stop clawing & scratching
    • Operates anywhere your cat likes to play
    • Size: 56.5cm diameter
    Ultra Bright LED Lantern
    • 12 Ultra-Bright LED bulbs
    • Shine for up to 100,000 hours!
    • Durable metal construction with shatterproof dome
    • Great for when the power’s cut
    • Size: 11.5 x 24cm
    Sweet Dream Kids Lights

    AVAILABLE: Dog and Bear Only

    • Great nightlight for the kids.
    • Automatic shut off timer.
    • Multi coloured – faze in and out of all colours or set to individual colour.
    Bravo Bra With Pads No Straps

    No Straps, No Wires, No Clips or Hooks

    1. Cups Stretch To Conform To Your Shape
    2. Form-Fitting Seamless Construction
    3. Machine Washable, Never Loses Shape
    4. Magic Pouch For Support Pads For Extra Lift & Coverage
    5. Woven Everlast Comfort Stretch Fabric
    6. Wide Comfort Lift band – No More Rolling
    Mobile Phone Holder

    The smart solution to hold your phone in the car for safe driving!


    • Universal mount for mobile phone and GPS units.
    • Fully adjustable mount to your car dashboard or windscreen.
    • Suction cup system.
    • Drive safely


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